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DisMod II's history is closely connected with that of the Global Burden of Disease studies. For the Global Burden of Disease 1990 study a computer program called DisMod was developed for the same purpose, and used extensively. Based on the experience of the users it was decided to develop a new DisMod for the Global Burden of Disease 2000 study that follows the same principles, but avoids some problems of the old DisMod and adds a number of new features. The design objectives can be summarized as:

A much more user-friendly graphical interface.

A wider range of possible input variables.

Build-in tools for smoothing and fitting.

While DisMod II was developed from the perspective of Global Burden of Disease studies, it may be of use for epidemiologists and public health researchers or anyone else trying to estimate the epidemiology of a disease.



Generally three out of a list of seven potential input variables will suffice to calculate a complete  description of a disease.

Extensive context-sensitive help.

Graphical interface.

Database to store and retrieve data (MS Access format).


Product Summary

DisMod II is a tool to help estimate the epidemiology of a disease. It exploits the fact that disease incidence, prevalence, remission, case fatality, and mortality are not independent variables.

DisMod II, © World Health Organization.

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